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"We don't do planned obsolescence"

Buying a new bed is never easy, but we can make it easier for you. As a manufacturer in the bed business for 30 years, we know and understand the issues people have with their beds, so we make them to your comfort level.

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 We are now only available by phone in the Auckland area. If you wish to contact us for advice, or for our products, please free phone 058 2332276

When buying a bed you need to know whats inside. Why? Because many manufacturers are now using products that don't last as long as they previously used. The reason is so they can sell more mattresses. But the important thing is that you buy a mattress that is comfortable AND lasts. Using high density foams will do that, low density won't! We only use high density foams, so beware what's on the inside!

And our guarantee to  you is: an excellent quality mattress, made in New Zealand from high quality products, and we will guarantee your comfort levels and supply a bed that will last, so you won't hate your bed for the next decade.

Everyday we deal with the issues people are having finding a reliable bed to sleep on.

Remember, when it comes to sleep, it's what's on the inside that matters.

Our most expensive queen mattress and base is under $3500, and because we manufacture them ourselves, I can vouch that our quality is better than most $5000 mattresses bought elsewhere.

You need two things from a mattress, comfort and long life, we guarantee both and if you have an issue we will deal with it. We like happy customers, and they tell us they like our beds.

Phone Tollfree 0508 BESPOKE (0508 2377653) and ask for Tony if you wish to discuss the issues you are having sleeping in your current bed, or if you require a new  bed.

 or 09-274-6315 

Not happy with the quality of your sleep or the comfort level of your mattress? We specialize in solving the problems associated with sleeping. Contact us to discuss your issues and help you to get a better nights sleep.

When buying a bed, beware of poor quality mattresses, talk to the experts that can advise you on how to get a better night sleep.

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Purchase directly from bed barn bed and you'll not only save, but you'll also get a quality bed made and sent you to directly from the factory.

Are you getting a bad nights’ sleep?
Check out our Heritage or Royal Christopher Mattresses - they are the most popular on the market and come with a 100% guarantee that you will get a better nights’ sleep.

Your partner disturbs you at night?
Our pocket spring mattresses prevent interrupted sleep from a restless partner, allowing you to get a great nights sleep - every night! It may be that your partners’ restlessness is because you need a new bed.

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