Comfort Layers

Foams as used in bed manufacture fall into basically two categories of density and comfort. The comfort levels are either soft, medium and firm or variations of these.  Higher density foams are better long term performers and give better support throughout the night and all foams we use are in the high density range. Density is measured in weight per cubic meter and should not be confused with softness or flexibility. High density foams have more foam in them and therefore give more support.
The aim of the foam manufacturers then is to produce high density foams that are suitably comfortable for the inidivdual and this they do well. As a wide variety of foams are produced, we are able to select foams ideally suited to the specific requirements of each model we produce.


A natural renewable resource, Latex is made of rubber processed to produce an open cell structure that results in moderating heat accumulation thus giving a more comfortable nights sleep.
Flexible and resilient, non toxic, anti-bacterial and non allergenic, natural latex supports your body uniformly yet yields to the extra pressure and shape of your hips and shoulders. The nature of natural latex also virtually eliminates transfer of movement from one person to another and vibration is absorbed.

Comfort Layers

Other comfort factors are built into a variety of pillow tops and include wool, synthetic fiber or a combination of both, again selected according to the desired feel of the model being built. We prefer wool as it disperses moisture and heat, though we do have some mattresses with the cheaper fibre or polyester option.


Huge quantities of fabrics are consumed in the manufacture of beds.  We have for years brought much of our fabric through bulk purchasing from overseas suppliers. We select fabrics that meet our stringent requirements. Cottons and poly/cottons are used on our lower priced beds and polyesters are available, constructed from yarns such as polyester, poly propylene, nylon, rayon, cotton and blends of these are used to create the desired fabric. Again we have the freedom to select these to suit quality and designs that are currently fashionable.

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